Soma Kratom Sampler Pack

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Soma Kratom Sampler Pack. Not sure which one to choose? Try all 3 shots.

Included with purchase:

  • 1 bottle of Soma 100
  • 1 bottle of Soma 200
  • 1 bottle of Soma 300

Customer Reviews

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Robert Walsh
Great product

I have tried a lot of Kratom on the market but this is the best! It’s in its own zip code better. All 3 are good but the 100 is sneaky strong

Thank you for your positive feedback on the Soma Kratom Sampler Pack! We are thrilled to hear that you have found these products to be the best in the market. We are glad it has met your expectations. We appreciate your support and look forward to providing you with more excellent products in the future.

Ace R
Great kratom extract shots

I got the sampler pack of the Soma Kratom shots and tried them from the weakest (100) to strongest (300). The first day I woke up and drank half of the 100 and it gave me a warm, relaxing feeling along with a nice focusing effect, which was surprising since I have a high tolerance. The next day I tried the 200 and took a sip in the morning, and it felt similar but more of a body feel. I got way more pain relief. Lastly, I tried the 300, which is the best. I took a sip at night, about 1/4 of the bottle by accident because you're only supposed to take 1/6, but I wasn't worried. I felt it very quickly and made me so sleepy. I had no aches or pain and no anxiety. I felt super relaxed too. Overall, these were amazing and I will be buying again for special occasions since they are so potent.

Thank you for your support, Ace! We're delighted to hear that you're loving Soma. We strive to provide amazing products and are glad to know that we have met your expectations. If you have any more feedback or questions, feel free to reach out to us. We're always here to assist you!

Julie herman
These are the best!!!!

I love this product so much. It's a good idea to try the sampler as the product is super strong! This is my new go to product for anxiety and depression and this company ships super quick. Couldn't be happier with this company or their products!!!

Thank you for your 5-star review! We're thrilled to hear that you like our product! It's great to know that they work for you. If you have any more questions or need further assistance, please feel free to let us know.


Of course I have to try something different instead of my regular favorite.
I've only tried the 100 of this product so far.
Quite strong and effective.
I'll give a follow-up when I try the other two.

Great review, Kathleen. Please note the 200 and 300 shots are stronger than the 100. The 200 bottle has 4 servings per bottle and the 300 bottle has 6 servings per bottle.

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